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Important Information for Customers Migrating Boot Camp to the 2016 MacBook Pro

Enterprise Licensing

Winclone Pro includes licensing to cover 50 client Macs. For licensing more than 50 client Macs, tiered pricing is available. Get a quote.

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Contact us to arrange purchase order payment. Links to software will be available as soon as the purchase order is received.

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Current customers can upgrade software by selecting the Upgrade link above. Order history is linked by email address, so make sure that the email address associated with the new purchase matches the email address used for the original transaction. If you need assistance, please contact us at

All editions of Winclone include one year of support and maintenance. Renew Winclone support and maintenance to extend coverage of your purchase.

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Price $19.99 $39.99 $249.99
Cloning and restoring Boot Camp
Incremental Windows User folder backup
Migrate external Windows volume to Boot Camp -
Shrink Windows file system -
Share Winclone image over network -
Package-based Boot Camp image deployment - -
Includes one year of software maintenance and priority technical support - -

Support and Maintenance

Winclone Pro includes one year of Support and Maintenance. Support and Maintenance includes access to all Winclone updates and new Winclone versions for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Support and Maintenance also includes priority email and phone support for one year from the date of purchase. To renew your Support and Maintenance Agreement, fill out our quote form.

Upgrade Eligibility

If you purchased Winclone 4 after January 1, 2015 you are eligible for a free upgrade to Winclone 5. If you purchased Winclone with a Support and Maintenance contract after March 17, 2013 you are eligible for a free upgrade to Winclone 5.

Eligible customers can request an email containing download links for Winclone and the license key on the redownload page.

All current Winclone 4 customers are eligible for upgrade pricing from the menu above.

License Agreement

A software license agreement is available for download.

Which edition of Winclone do I need?

Winclone Basic Edition for a single Mac

Buy Basic: Single Computer

  • Are running Boot Camp on the internal drive of your Mac and
  • Need snapshots and ongoing back ups of your Boot Camp data and
  • Are NOT migrating Boot Camp between drives or computers
Winclone Standard Edition for migrating your Boot Camp partition to another computer

Buy Standard: Migrating Boot Camp to a new drive or a new Mac

  • Are migrating Boot Camp from one drive or Mac to another or
  • Need to run Boot Camp on an external drive (supported hardware and software configurations only) or
  • Need to shrink Boot Camp to a smaller partition
Winclone Pro Edition for package deploy of Boot Camp partitions to Mac labs

Buy Pro: Deploy Boot Camp as a package to multiple Macs

  • Use a standard Boot Camp build on multiple Macs
  • Need to create partitions and deploy Boot Camp as a package
  • Includes one year of free support and maintenance

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